Why commission a piece of custom made furniture?

You have maybe seen a piece of furniture you like but doesn’t fit the space you have or its not the right look that meets your interior decor and maybe you wish to alter some aspect of it.
You may be disillusioned by the quality and lack of individuality seen in most furniture stores.
It is time to consider commissioning a furniture maker to create exactly what it is that you are looking for.
Commissioning a piece of furniture can be a daunting thought, how much will it cost, Where do I start?

  1. At the start there will be lots of what ifs, but by the end, all your requirements will be met, you’ll have a clear picture of the final piece and you’ll be very happy.
  2. First and foremost the design process is not rushed, I ask many questions, I answer lots of questions and I advise as much or as little as you like. Materials can be solid timber, veneer or plywood with various finishes, Oiled, Waxed, Lacquered etc.
  3. To start with, I am happy to receive all inquiries by phone or email  to discuss your initial ideas.
    Once you’ve had a look through the gallery which shows a broad range of previous commissions, a meeting can be  arranged with me to discuss your ideas further.
  4. Working closely with me you will be involved with design, timber choices and finish.

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